Excessive [adjective]

Definition of Excessive:

too much; overdone

Opposite/Antonyms of Excessive:

Sentence/Example of Excessive:

In more than 30 cities demonstrators clashed with police, who responded to their marches with excessive violence.

From 2011 to 2015, an average of 93,296 deaths annually could be tied to excessive alcohol use, or 255 deaths per day.

The excessive show of immune cell force spurs inflammation and cell death, which can stoke yet more inflammation and cell death.

From the customer’s standpoint, such ads help to stay away from excessive details, yet it is enough to resurface the brand in the memory when a purchase is being planned.

Officers who are the subject of previous civilian complaints – regardless of whether those complaints are for excessive force, verbal abuse or unlawful searches – pose a higher risk of engaging in serious misconduct in the future.

He admits his project is excessive — even he doesn’t advocate we all build our own cars.

Where the dampness is excessive the fronds take on an unhealthy appearance, and mould may appear.

It is a very common error to consider these deposits as evidence of excessive excretion.

Factors which favor an early deposit are high acidity, diminished urinary pigments, and excessive excretion of uric acid.

"Y—es," answered Mr. Carr, his excessive astonishment causing a hesitation.