Exchanges [noun]

Definition of Exchanges:

trade; deal

Opposite/Antonyms of Exchanges:

Sentence/Example of Exchanges:

This meant Ryan would donate a kidney to someone else whom he matched with and in exchange Paul would receive a kidney from a matching donor.

Democrats seized on an exchange between the president and Wade Crowfoot, California's secretary for natural resources.

Since March when the ban on cryptocurrencies was revoked, bitcoin accounted for 20% of the total traded volumes on WazirX, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India.

A promise that you have a product or a service that people will pay money for, that you have a plan to reach as many of those people as possible, and that in exchange for lots of money, you will bust your butt to reach them.

The agency has yet to determine exactly how it will retrieve the sample, but the exchange would be expected to happen “in place” on the moon itself—meaning any participating company is only obligated to figure out how to get to the moon.

In the last decade, Pyongyang has increasingly turned to cybercrime—using armies of hackers to conduct billion-dollar heists against banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, such as an attack in 2018 that netted $250 million in one fell swoop.

In exchange for its tech and engineering, GM will receive $2 billion in newly issued Nikola common stock, giving the legacy automaker an 11% stake in the startup.

We’ve been building our virtual muscles since March, and have been pleased with the free exchange of ideas we’ve witnessed on our conference platforms.

The HSI also launched the tech-specific Hang Seng Tech Index in late July, another indication of tech firms’ increased sway on the city’s exchange.

Today, they cover about 128,000 people, just 1% of the 11 million Obamacare enrollees who get coverage through the exchanges.