Excision [noun]

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After excision a mixture of water and vinegar should be kept in the mouth for some time.

His description of the excision is rather clear and detailed.

The excision of a few lines would alter, not indeed the general sense, but certainly the whole tone of the message.

The most conservative reader is inclined here to agree with those who perform an act of excision upon the text of Homer.

Yet this repetition so vitally organic is questioned by many critics, some of whom resort to excision.

Shortening the eyelid by excision of a portion of the tarsal plate.

This operation consists in excision of the apex of the everted lid.

(ii) To close the wound made by the excision of a cystoid scar.

But these errors could be removed by the excision of half-a-dozen lines.

Removal of the tube would be called salpingectomy, and the excision of the ovary, ophorectomy.