Excitability [noun]

Definition of Excitability:


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Sentence/Example of Excitability:

The reflex excitability is lowered and the sensibility diminished.

It had been a brilliant brain, and that very excitability that had lent its brilliance was fatal to it now.

Here we may see the universal transition from sensibility to acute excitability which is a source of many quarrels.

The climate of Florida is also of peculiar advantage in all diseases attended by nervous excitability.

Whether they recognize each other by touch or by their mutual excitability I do not know.

Too great excitability, irresponsibility and supersensitiveness, are the weakest points of this type.

Acts principally by reducing excitability of gray matter of brain.

The effect of continued light on Mimosa is an enhancement of excitability.

They prove conclusively the diurnal variation of excitability in Mimosa.

I will now describe the effects of these various factors on excitability.