Excitation [noun]

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Cycles in excitation and inhibition form waves that have been linked to different mental states.

As a particle such as an electron moves through space, it constantly interacts with Higgs bosons — excitations of the Higgs field.

One of the important characteristics of mania is the super-excitation of the sexual faculty.

Even in normal menstruation there is often a marked physiological excitation which affects the entire person.

Now the important point is that when this excitation is going on in the brain, we are conscious, we see the picture.

Actions of a somewhat similar character normally occur in which it is not easy to point to the excitation of any sense or senses.

The excitation of his nerves, however, kept him for the greater part of the night conscious of all that went on in the room.

The latter gets its increase through nervous excitation, so that the guilty sparkle should also be of the same nature.

Wives are in no excitation as men are; but they have a state of preparation for reception, n. 219.

My feeling was one of glorious excitation in the swift, smooth flight and a grim assurance of soon seeing the old lion.