Excites [verb]

Definition of Excites:

inspire; upset

Synonyms of Excites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excites:

Sentence/Example of Excites:

It is the noon meal, but the "dinner" does not look inviting: the pan is old and rusty; the smell of the soup excites suspicion.

It is one of those events that excites sympathy in the hardest, and commiseration in the coldest.

Is it less natural to be melted by what excites pity than to burst into laughter at what is comical?

They have, in fact, much in common with the Jew, who excites much the same feeling among many estimable people!

If any thing excites one's envy in the current expenses, it is the amount of coals required.

The commonest form of matter thus regarded excites the highest form of spirit.

The stream of light—the rush of sweet wind—excites a deeper knowledge of the soul.

The conduct of those wars excites our contempt, in spite of the heroism of individual knights.

Even the style of the preface excites suspicions which the work itself verifies.

Heat is an affection of bodies well known by the sensation that it excites.