Exclaim [verb]

Definition of Exclaim:

shout out

Synonyms of Exclaim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exclaim:

Sentence/Example of Exclaim:

In case any reader should hastily exclaim, “What a ridiculous question; there can be only one southward!”

A butcher's boy, running against a gentleman with his tray, made him exclaim, "The deuce take the tray!"

The sight of the awful carnage affected even the warworn Marshal, and made him exclaim, "What a massacre!"

Ambiguity abounds everywhere and confounds everything; we are obliged at every word to exclaim, What do you mean?

I exclaim: How agreeable must it be to dwell underneath119 such a pure sky and in such a delightful abode!

If less was accomplished in a day than usual, she would often exclaim, "That brat takes up too much of your time."

The first time she went down to the lower floor she heard her father exclaim, "Then, madame, do you wish to kill your daughter?"

Jacinth heard the kind, cheery voice exclaim, though in accents broken by sudden emotion.

While they were tying her to the stake, she continued earnestly to exclaim "God be merciful to me, a sinner!"

The news of Arnold's treachery, which wrung tears from Washington, and made him exclaim, "Whom can we trust now?"