Exclaimed [verb]

Definition of Exclaimed:

shout out

Synonyms of Exclaimed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exclaimed:

Sentence/Example of Exclaimed:

Their bond is so strong, in fact, that Cole once excitedly exclaimed, “we should have Eddie move into our house,” Haar said.

When Harrison asks what’s next for them, Crawley exclaims, “Babies!”

"Never mind the fellow; we have more than enough to think of in our own affairs," exclaimed his friend, impatiently.

"Doa Estefania, have no fear; you possess an infallible preservative," exclaimed the cappellan.

Barbiche suddenly buried his face in his hands, and exclaimed in a broken voice, "Oh, my mother!"

Billy Woodchuck exclaimed, for he had heard somewhere that if you want a thing done, you should get a busy person to do it.

Gwynne had exclaimed, in agony, and forgetting the awful figure on the bed in his alarm at the sight of his grandfather's face.

"Send your wife up to the wedding," exclaimed the Doctor, foreseeing a happy solution.

In his agony he exclaimed to the emissaries, "It is impossible for me to stop the water of the ocean with my own hand."

"Oh," she exclaimed carelessly, and went on knitting, drawing closer to the lamplight.