Excluded [verb]

Definition of Excluded:

expel, forbid

Opposite/Antonyms of Excluded:

Sentence/Example of Excluded:

Sweden excluded British goods, conformably to the continental system established by Bonaparte.

The two enjoyed a mutual understanding from which he was excluded, a private intimacy that was spiritual, mental,— physical.

The Intellect is‌ directed into a particular channel, but to keep it there, all intruders must be excluded.

I never knew people so absorbed, although I fail to see why I should be wholly excluded.

So congress has excluded not only diseased, criminal, pauper and anarchist immigrants, but also contract and Chinese laborers.

I will work every other day, Sundays excluded, at two dollars and a half per day and find myself.

But if land is bounded by the bank or shore of a stream, or by other words of clearly evident exclusion, the stream is excluded.

A new Assembly had just been convened, from which all the members of the one but recently dissolved were by law excluded.

State employees are within these acts in some states, and excluded in others, likewise municipal employees.

By the latter relationship one is an independent contractor and excluded from the acts.