Exclusion [noun]

Definition of Exclusion:

expulsion; forbiddance

Opposite/Antonyms of Exclusion:

Sentence/Example of Exclusion:

When you talk about the four threats to American democracy, three of your four — polarization, racial exclusion and economic inequality — in their most toxic forums are currently represented by the GOP much more so than by the Democratic Party.

Feminist theorists have sometimes expressed reservations about the extent to which a legal system designed by men to the exclusion of women can ever be fully appropriated to achieve equality for women.

That has already, to some extent, broken up the strict exclusion of single-family zones.

And, exclusions are allowed at both the ad group and campaign levels.

“With humans, we’ve been fixated on this one thing, almost to the exclusion of a lot of other ideas,” Dunsworth said.

This is an instance of Inclusion as to the men, of Exclusion and Concurrence as to date of birth and death.

If you did fail, you would try Exclusion, and you would find nothing which is the antithesis of the area of New York.

But if land is bounded by the bank or shore of a stream, or by other words of clearly evident exclusion, the stream is excluded.

Under this plan of life, in seeming to serve India to the exclusion of every other country I do not harm any other country.

Secondly, the rigid exclusion of personal indulgence trains the inmates in the virtue of self-control.