Exclusively [adverb]

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To this point, Antuna has almost exclusively played shortstop in the minors.

The commissioners can’t use exclusively race to determine the remaining members, but can include it as a factor.

For football games, the Cavaliers used that allotment of tickets exclusively for family of players and coaches.

Morales said the families of 33 children had accepted slots for in-person teaching before the city abandoned those plans and shifted exclusively to CARE classrooms.

Films that open to $50 million or more, however, will stay in theaters exclusively for at least five full weekends, or 31 days.

However, neither platform is pushing creators to post exclusively to Instagram or TikTok, so creators are not having to choose between the two.

Unfortunately, the plan does not affect lots in areas zoned exclusively for single-family housing, which makes up a majority of the lots that would otherwise fall under the plan.

Chipotle meanwhile successfully transitioned to “digital kitchens”—a kitchen-within-a-kitchen exclusively serving digital customers.

The payroll support “was based on a formula set by the government, matching our payroll and used exclusively to keep and pay our employees,” the company said.

Ole Miss asked him almost exclusively to run “9 routes” — a long pattern straight down the field — which made some teams wonder about his route-running.