Excommunication [noun]

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Whether in its public or private circumstances, all bore the marks of universal excommunication.

No sooner had the sentences of excommunication been promulgated than King Robert took measures to have them revoked or mitigated.

The Council of Constantinople passed a sentence of excommunication upon the swearers of heathen oaths.

Excommunication was held to be equivalent to a sentence of death.

The Church is armed with a sword; excommunication is a sentence of death.

"Yes," said Dink, thinking only of the ban of excommunication.

Mendelssohn wanted to cancel the excommunication on the ground that the church has no rights in civil matters.

Surely not, I reply; but the Hamburg Jew suffers no misfortune by virtue of the excommunication.

They determined, by a general ordinance, all the cases in which excommunication could be used.

He therefore gave the right of excommunication to the congregation in conjunction with the clergy.