Excreting [verb]

Definition of Excreting:

discharge, usually liquified substance

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Sentence/Example of Excreting:

More photosynthesis means more carbon dioxide is siphoned out of the atmosphere and excreted back into the earth as organic compounds.

The compound allyl methyl sulphide takes longer for the body to metabolize and excrete than the others, so the next time you have garlic breath, you will know why.

When we breathe out that carbon dioxide, we are excreting it.

They excrete their chemical waste through the membrane that separates them from their environment.

Plants excrete oxygen as their waste product — and we can’t live without it.

In disease, the amount of solids depends mainly upon the activity of metabolism and the ability of the kidneys to excrete.

Now the system labours to excrete them in solution, even when in excess; and often succeeds in doing so.

In fact, this fluid would seem to be produced by most of the Rhynchota, for the Psyllid and Aleurodid also excrete it.

They excrete a sweet, sticky liquid called “honey-dew,” and cause the leaves to curl or drop.

A little duct or vessel, destined to receive secreted fluids, and to excrete or discharge them; also, a secretory vessel.