Excretion [noun]

Definition of Excretion:

the act of excreting

Synonyms of Excretion:

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Sentence/Example of Excretion:

This is a novel stained with all manner of fluids, excretions and smells, and the narrator fights an almost constant sense of nausea.

Human excretions, as well as those from other animals, usually leave the body after passing through the lungs, kidneys and skin.

Excretion of these substances is greatly increased by a diet rich in nuclei, as sweetbreads and liver.

It is a very common error to consider these deposits as evidence of excessive excretion.

Factors which favor an early deposit are high acidity, diminished urinary pigments, and excessive excretion of uric acid.

The organs of excretion: such as the kidneys and skin, which pass off nitrogenous and other waste matters from the body.

In man, the skin and kidneys remove this waste from the body, hence they are called the organs of excretion.

The skin of the entire body should be bathed frequently so that this function of excretion may be properly performed.

It is a living organism, ceaselessly busied, like any other organism, in the processes of assimilation and excretion.

The females are for the most part stationary, being fixed to the plant by the protecting, waxy, excretion or scale.