Excruciating [adjective]

Definition of Excruciating:

torturous, painful

Synonyms of Excruciating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excruciating:

Sentence/Example of Excruciating:

As biographer Ron Chernow put it, Washington “endured an excruciating round of farewell parties, balls, dinners and receptions.”

These new findings further complicate the excruciating quandary facing policymakers.

This is a very dark frame of mind, consequent on overwork and the conclusion of the excruciating Ebb Tide.

As the child suffered excruciating pains he could not be transported on the ass.

The pain was so excruciating that after one moment of supreme agony, she trembled all over, then relapsed into unconsciousness.

I was wading slowly along the beach in rather deep water, when I suddenly felt a most excruciating pain in my left ankle.

The position of Holland and Denmark is one of excruciating anxiety to the citizens of those countries.

I explained that my head was giving me excruciating pain, and that I felt burnt-up with fever and thirst; at which he laughed.

Who can imagine the pain of this excruciating moment, or the bitterness of the tears she shed!

I should never have come to this vastly horrid place before my ride, if I had imagined you could be so excruciating.'