Exculpated [verb]

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In other words, such is the desire which every one has to exculpate himself by blackening his neighbour.

But she turned to me, and tried to exculpate her past violence by dilating upon her wrongs, and they certainly were many.

Four men were nearer to Mr. Davis than Byrnes was, and all of them exculpate Mr. Davis.

In the Beowulf it was even desirable, as explained above, to go further, and completely to exculpate the Danish watchers.

I am very sorry this has occurred, but you at least will exculpate me from the charge of coquetry.

Thus, she would have had to exculpate herself, and what I wanted was for her to exculpate herself.

Her aristocratic lover made a movement forward as if to exculpate himself, but he caught Ryder's eye and remained where he was.

If in thy presence I unfold to him The secrets of heaven's vengeance, let me plead Thine own injunction, to exculpate me.

Poor Vincent made a hasty effort to exculpate himself from the soft impeachment, but with no effect.

I do not seek to exculpate myself by pointing a finger at you or by silly and pompous evasions of my responsibility.