Exculpatory [adjective]

Definition of Exculpatory:


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Sentence/Example of Exculpatory:

The queen mother's exculpatory statements may be examined in Le Laboureur, Add.

But the justice done to Edgar she gloried in, as an apology for her feelings, and exculpatory of her weakness.

Reflections, indignant or exculpatory, on the conduct of the French in this Business are useless to Friedrich, and to us.

His business is to be reticent, not exculpatory; to maintain silence, not set up a defence nor yet proclaim the truth.

February 16, 1680, he addressed to the Jesuit General Oliva a long exculpatory letter.

Soon afterwards I received a very long exculpatory letter from the Commodore.

On many occasions Jesse has written, or caused to be written, exculpatory letters for publication in the public journals.

"I know I've been rotten to you, and I thought you wanted me to help," he explained, in a self-exculpatory tone.

"For the exculpatory part, I can take it easy," said Cutbill, with a dry laugh.

"She is not starving," said Crawley, in a voice very bitter, but still intended to be exculpatory of himself.