Excursus [noun]

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This has been a long excursus, and we must get back to our jaunt on the plain.

But such a retort involves just the dialectic excursus which I am here anxious to avoid.

But the account suggests another and independent question with respect to which I shall make an excursus.

This is not to say, of course, that the excursus in the second stage has been a loss and a defect.

But call it a note or 'excursus,' which is the scholarlike name for notes a little longer than usual, and all will be made right.

Ukridge was in the middle of a very eloquent excursus on the feeding of fowls.

The importance of the matter may justify me for once in making an excursus into physiology and pathology.

One of the chief subjects actually dealt with, coal, is treated in Excursus I. at the conclusion of this chapter.

The subject is complex, and calls for many an excursus and qualifying footnote; yet I think the main outlines are clear enough.

Even the gentle Thackeray—if the excursus may be forgiven—is not wholly free from this failing.