Excused [adjective]

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Henceforward he always learnt with them, and resented being excused any task on the grounds of his youth.

Mary ran upstairs to beg to be excused the formal walk, and, luckily for her, Miss Winter was in Margaret's room.

When a lessee is evicted or turned out of possession by his landlord, he is excused from paying rent.

Dr. Lake excused himself abruptly, and crossing the hall went into the office.

Poor Mike was half an hour late; but, when he told good Mrs. Smith all his troubles, she excused him.

He came the next day; I felt that my behavior must have seemed strange, and I excused it on the ground of my affection for Daphne.

The ladies, I believe, were excused by the payment of their partners.

It was because the editor was weak and poor and excused himself, that you repented your first determination.

But the youth and inexperience of Riaro excused the enormity of a crime perpetrated under the sanction of the supreme pontiff.

To some extent the policy of the Provisional Government excused his change of attitude.