Excuses [noun]

Definition of Excuses:

reason, explanation

Opposite/Antonyms of Excuses:

Sentence/Example of Excuses:

How clumsy seemed my own excuses for coming at all, compared to his pleasure at finding her at home!

The woman seemed very reluctant to accept the offer, pleading various excuses.

Isabel told him politely never to ride out without using the telephone first, and had her excuses already coined.

Besides, he was willing to admit that there were excuses for Cassidy, and there was a certain quiet tenacity in him.

At last I have had a letter from Deyverdun, wretched excuses, nothing done, vexatious enough.

Yet those would sound like paltry excuses after a six months' expedition to Paris.

Flie not to these excuses: thou hast binFalse in thy promise, and when I haue saidVngratefull, all is spoke.

Yet her attempts at explanation were generally taken as polite excuses for neglecting those who had been kind and cordial.

But the money was the thing that did it, Mr. Rundell, an' I'm no' gaun to mak' excuses noo aboot it.

He stammered some excuses, counted out the sum, and saw his hateful visitors depart.