Excusing [verb]

Definition of Excusing:

forgive, absolve; justify

Opposite/Antonyms of Excusing:

Sentence/Example of Excusing:

Old Warrender retired to his study in a rather excited frame of mind, excusing himself on the ground of his age.

In excusing the Freedom of your Satyr, you urge that it galls no body, because nobody minds it enough to be mended by it.

Lynn came in with Charley, and the latter, excusing himself for an hour after supper, left Ida and the young artist together.

Next she was heard discussing and excusing the most heinous crimes of which human nature can be guilty.

You might have done me the service of not excusing yourself to the squire when he came here, in such a way as to implicate me.

But finally he had to go, and Emmy, excusing herself, rose to see him as far as the door.

"I left her for one minute to fetch the water for her bath," the nurse was saying, hurriedly excusing herself.

After excusing this witness, Cooley brought in copies of two city ordinances covering street speaking in Everett.

I have got a good reason or pretence for excusing me to Monsieur Helvetius, with regard to the translating his work.

Then the young man, excusing himself, went within, returning soon with a small package.