Executes [verb]

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The workman executes cleverly what the man of taste has designed ably.

He executes with speed, and even with ease, all direct motion; but he has no facility for oblique or retrograde motions.

Signor executes to the admiration of patrons, etc.; though music on those horrid pianos is rather like music on the rack.

Thus experience itself furnishes sufficient traits to this picture which the pastoral idyl executes.

But as he executes whatever he proposes as Governor-General, he is solely responsible for the nature of the acts themselves.

Dame Nature executes it—alike on species that swarm and on individuals that ripen too quickly.

The creator is like a human artist who frames in his mind a plan which he executes by the help of his servants.

As a means of settling this conflict there occurs to him an experiment which he executes with slyness and restored courage.

He "reveals" who shall act as his earthly agent in this matter, and the agent faithfully executes the defunct Prophet's commands.

The Duke is the brain that plans, and the big chief is the hand that executes.