Executing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Executing:

This gentleman is a master of his favorite instrument, executing with ease the most difficult and critical composition.

The reason of the extraordinary delay in executing our plan of attack has never yet been explained.

Dr. Wheelock might have answered his purposes, in this case, by executing a private deed of trust.

But Julian Peveril, his youth considered, was strict in judging his duty, and severely resolved in executing it.

It invests the tribes with full power of making and executing all their laws and regulations, civil and criminal.

It was agreed that the account should be paid by his executing a new sign-board.

"We shall," said the Major, executing the bluff on behalf of himself and his partner.

But do you think that stone bar thing was ever used for executing people?

I saw to everything myself, or sent Grampus to ascertain that people were losing no time in executing my orders.

There is a wide difference between simply being within the law and executing the law.