Executions [noun]

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That has an impact on both media planning and creative execution.

“I’m looking forward to accelerating execution of the strategic vision for the future of Walgreens,” Standley said in a statement.

Broad cultural contexts are rarer and rarer, and to harness these contexts takes a lot of thoughtfulness and a high degree of successful execution.

Eventually, the system may be tapped to help judge execution scores, too.

While these campaigns will have the tone of The Times, the execution is different, all publishers now, for instance, have to use programs like Zoom while remote working.

Somewhere in the execution, you’ll see a line that looks like this.

On the other hand, states like Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin bungled the execution of their primaries.

This alone could hinder the execution of his appointment, for in other things he has excellent qualifications for the dignity.

But it greatly equalizes and strengthens the fingers, and makes your execution smooth and elegant.

Ripperda's attention was next directed to put his plan of escape, in train for execution.