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Agency executives said that they would be relying on NBCU to evaluate its own inventory’s contribution to an advertiser’s sales.

By the end of March, it had announced a new editorial series, Business Insider Spotlight, which featured reporters interviewing prominent executives about major developments in their respective industries.

Jake Hoffman, president and chief executive of the Phoenix-based digital marketing firm, confirmed the online workers were classified as contractors but declined to comment further on “private employment matters.”

Beyond Quinn, it’s not clear whether any executive branch officials have participated in von Spakovsky’s remote briefings.

We had all the free content, and then we had these very expensive, $15,000 executive conferences, and we had nothing in between.

The documents obtained by ProPublica offer a rare look at the process of drafting an executive order and a glimpse into the meat industry’s influence and access to the highest levels of government.

The publisher has 25 active licensing programs, which accounted for $98 million, or 3% of the company’s total revenue in the 2020 fiscal year that ended on June 30, according to Mike Lovell, executive director of corporate communications.

In a show of solidarity with laid-off workers, the company said it would cut its executive salaries.

To Harrison and his wife there was no distinction between the executive and judicial branches of the law.

Polavieja, as everybody knew, was the chosen executive of the friars, whose only care was to secure their own position.