Executives [noun]

Definition of Executives:

person who manages an organization

Opposite/Antonyms of Executives:

Sentence/Example of Executives:

He was opposed, both in Dublin and in London, by the existing executives.

This the employes accepted, but the executives objected to giving the eight-hour day before an investigation was made.

Sesar Karvall's gentleman-secretary, and the Karvall lawyer; executives of the steel mills, the Karvall guard-captain.

He was to ride over alone and meet somebody from one of the other executives at night in a bluff.

We've hired the best mining engineers, the best technicians, to do their end, the best corporation executives to handle that end.

The new handbook for executives, called Community Boy Leadership, is now in circulation and is proving valuable.

He has come, as nine out of ten successful executives have come, from the operating end of the railroad.

The executives of the States were pressed with applications to raise companies and batteries under the call of the President.

I certainly believe every corporation must have its rules, otherwise executives would be besieged all day by timewasters.

The Executives, sold a few years ago for $4 or $5 per set, command $25 to $30 to-day.