Executor [noun]

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Of course, moderators have long existed in the offline world—lawmakers, police, and the courts can all be understood to be the executors of a kind of moderation power.

If I had to sum up the people that work at Rocket Lab, they’re just pure executors.

There’s always a partnership of a visionary and an executor, of a visionary and an operator who work in concert to advance something greater.

If the lessee die, his executor or administrator can assign the remainder of his term.

Or, if the land has been given to a devisee, he can require the executor or administrator to pay the mortgage.

If dead or insane, the oath must be made by his executor, administrator, or other representative.

The hard-hearted executor of the law was brought within the influence of her enchantment.

An executor would be admitted to give evidence of the validity of a will, which he could not do at present.

Instead of executor administrator was written, it being in that case the more proper and usual term in the law.

You see he is the executor and administrator of Stephen Waller's estate.