Exegeses [noun]

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It seemed to me that there must be a defect in the translation, and an erroneous exegesis; but where was the source of the error?

But little exegesis is needed for a right comprehension of the true and substantial import of the work.

Against all such superficialities of exegesis alike our safeguard must be a broad common-sense induction.

And they worked this unhistorical belief to its breaking point in their Biblical exegesis.

It needs not our saying that it must be an extraordinary mode of exegesis that can find such things in such unusual places.

Before concluding our sketch of Maimonides we must say a word about his Bible exegesis.

Another favorite book of the Bible for the exegesis of philosophers was the book of Job.

The Karaites had their important men in Halaka as well as in religious philosophy and Biblical exegesis.

Simlai entered into frequent discussions with the Christian Fathers on subjects of Biblical exegesis.

Marked by sound exegesis, common sense, and a devotional spirit.Record.