Exegetical [adjective]

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Gersonides was also the author of a commentary on the Pentateuch and other exegetical and scientific works.

But there was then no knowledge of Greek or Hebrew; there was no exegetical research; there was no science and no real learning.

He wrote no special exegetical work, he composed no commentaries on the Bible.

Such is the historical basis which we seem to be able to lay for the study of the exegetical problems of the book.

The Talmudical, exegetical, and philosophical writings of Jews were also ethical treatises.

He translated the Pentateuch and Joshua into Hungarian, adding exegetical notes.

The chief gravity of these attacks has doubtless consisted in exegetical and historic criticism.

We are not left, however, to an exegetical statement alone, although that is absolutely unequivocal.

The third and following verses, as well as the next Psalm, are exegetical or illustrative.

The object of each commentary is primarily exegetical, to interpret the author's meaning to the present generation.