Exemplar [noun]

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In a 2020 column, New Yorker writer Kyle Chayka dubbed the genre “ambient TV,” offering up Netflix’s Emily in Paris as the exemplar.

Yet, for daughters there is the additional role of being an exemplar of all she can hope to be.

The thing that theater fundamentally does is bring people together, and this production is a great exemplar of theater as a unifying force.

Research shows student outcomes are, overall, largely the same in charter and traditional public schools, although there are failures and exemplars in both.

They seem to be one and the same, and I’m not sure there could be a better exemplar than him of what I would like our program to be.

If you’re looking for an exemplar of mastering multiple identities, find a telescope and point it at Venus.

It certainly seems clear that he took the son of Maya, rather than the child of Mary, as his exemplar.

We form our groups round certain selected Kinds, each of which serves as a sort of exemplar of its group.

But its development was scarcely appreciable, from lack of opportunity and of exemplar.

Who would expect Sir Sidney Lee to have had so remote an exemplar?