Exemplifies [verb]

Definition of Exemplifies:

serve as an example

Synonyms of Exemplifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exemplifies:

Sentence/Example of Exemplifies:

This has held true ever since, and completely exemplifies all the intervening operations of Mr O'Connell.

This solemn address to Heaven exemplifies some of the essential qualities of genuine prayer.

Mark Twain's early life, however imperfectly recorded, exemplifies this postulate.

This is not magical art, but plainly exemplifies the first products of a memorial art.

The philosopher's stone of medival superstition exemplifies such a means of magic.

Mr. Lowden is a stanch adherent of the Masonic fraternity and exemplifies in his life the beneficent spirit of the craft.

An inexperienced violin soloist, such as a student playing at a conservatory recital, often exemplifies this.

An interesting comparison with the previous decade, 1870 to 1880, exemplifies this relation still further.

The history of the Standard Oil Company during the eighties clearly exemplifies this.

He elucidated it by one of those familiar examples by which he generally exemplifies his precepts.