Exempting [adjective]

Definition of Exempting:

freed from responsibility

Synonyms of Exempting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exempting:

Sentence/Example of Exempting:

In his ruling, McKenna said the city needed to either license the units or formally exempt the housing authority from inspections through legislation.

Travel to and from Maryland and Virginia is exempt from the mayor’s order.

Neighboring cities, like Carlsbad, Escondido and Oceanside, have long argued that emails should be exempt from the state’s two-year minimum, so they also destroy emails on an earlier time table.

There is evidence, for example, that many departments buy their technology using federal grants or nonprofit gifts, which are exempt from certain disclosure laws.

State law requires local agencies to hang onto public records for at least two years, but many have argued that emails should be exempt.

Maryland and Virginia are exempt from the Bowser quarantine order.

Montgomery also urged officials to ensure footage filmed by MTS contract officers is also publicly available since the existing contract with Allied Universal exempts that video from public records requests.

The mother, who was pregnant, also should have been exempt because of her health issue.

He had discovered that the all-glorious boast of Spain was not exempt from the infirmities of common men.

The federal Bankruptcy Act prescribes what property passes to the trustee and also what is exempt.