Exercises [noun]

Definition of Exercises:

work, effort

Synonyms of Exercises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exercises:

Sentence/Example of Exercises:

A constant sense of easy balance should be developed through poising exercises.

The wretched young man persistently exercises his right of crying "Banco," and so practically going double or quits each time.

To prevent intruders or extruders from withdrawing his mind from the text, he exercises the Inhibitory function of the Attention.

The words which frequently occurred he arranged‌ in order, the commonest first, and compiled exercises to suit them.

And of these exercises, none are more distinguished from one another than their solemn covenant engagements.

David illustrating the practice of many, in special exercises performed this.

For many years, so far as opportunity and means allowed, I indulged myself in this best of all exercises.

The exercises of the day soon commenced, and the old lady became wholly rapt in her devotional feelings.

Such is the influence which the condition of our own thoughts exercises even over the appearance of external objects.

Covenanting with God sometimes entered into the religious exercises performed at these.