Exercising [verb]

Definition of Exercising:

put to use

Synonyms of Exercising:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exercising:

Sentence/Example of Exercising:

The books of the London stationers company record the names of 59 persons exercising the trade as master printers.

Each has the same rights, and each is equally restricted in exercising them by the corresponding rights of the other.

Its acceptance by the garageman imposes on him the duty of exercising due care for its safety and protection.

A term may also continue during the option of either of the parties to be ended on notice by the party exercising the option.

"To the problem which is greatly exercising my mind just now I can obtain no solution," he said in a low, intense voice.

He was not trying to please anybody, but was exercising his own discretion in the way he thought best.

A weight machine for exercising the muscles of the arms is easily constructed by using two screw hooks, 5 in.

Chopin was endowed with a considerable power of sarcasm, and was fond of cultivating and exercising it.

Some come for the purpose of exercising, like myself; others out of curiosity to watch me perform.

Or did he, in exercising his acknowledged control as a husband, trench upon her right of conscience in religious concerns?