Exerting [verb]

Definition of Exerting:

make use of

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Sentence/Example of Exerting:

The people that would have to exert pressure on the Justice Department, or the Interior Department, that’s Congress.

A systematic way of organizing them and the forces that they exerted seemed a pathway to describing the basic structure and behavior of the universe.

Pack has become notorious among journalists at Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and other agencies under his purview for his efforts to exert control over their work.

Just like a finger pushing on a top, that air exerts a force on the spin axis of the ball.

He exerted similar energies to win from a reluctant Congress the Panama Canal treaties, which Alter says avoided a major war in Central America.

First, Alice and Bob have to exert complete quantum control over their respective friends and labs — so much so, in fact, that they reverse the quantum evolution of the entire system.

Those two factors lately have exerted a greater influence on rates than the movement of the 10-year Treasury.

Ideally, sharing scoring duties with Wall will allow Beal to exert even more energy night in and night out and be more selective with his shots.

The powerful influence which Madame Roland was thus exerting could not be concealed.

His ears told him that the dog was holding his own—exerting all his power and neither gaining nor losing.