Exertion [noun]

Definition of Exertion:

hard work

Synonyms of Exertion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exertion:

Sentence/Example of Exertion:

Health and safety programming that focuses on topics such as heat exertion, concussions, mental health and nutrition also will be available to athletes through this partnership.

It uses my performance, perceived exertion tracking, and heart rate over time to calculate those.

And, for us, because so much of our exertion is upper body, that’s the part of us that’s sort of, like, shaken and fatigued.

It takes time, money, and emotional exertion to overcome identity theft.

Most of them don’t even require much exertion or time on your part.

The preparation for thus remembering numbers without effort is the only exertion required.

It needed only an exertion of will for the soul to hurl the body ashore as wind drives paper; to waft it kite-fashion to the bank.

He again sank, and it was only after great exertion that the brave sailors succeeded in rescuing him from a watery grave.

When in the car if you find the exertion of talking painful, say so frankly; your escort cannot be offended.

Every exertion was necessary to make the poor farm pay for the extra hand employed.