Exhibitionism [noun]

Definition of Exhibitionism:

attention-seeking behavior

Synonyms of Exhibitionism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exhibitionism:


Sentence/Example of Exhibitionism:

It is necessary to insist upon this fact, as distinguishing exhibitionism in children from exhibitionism in adults.

Exhibitionism is not rare among insane women and I have myself treated two typical cases.

The presence of masturbation in this case renders it untypical as a case of exhibitionism.

It is undoubtedly true that many cases of real or apparent exhibitionism occur in epileptics.

Nine months after, the acts of exhibitionism ceased, apparently in a spontaneous manner, and there has so far been no relapse.

In some cases, it would appear, the impulse to exhibitionism may be overcome or may pass away.

The prevalence of the small organ is due to an association of exhibitionism with sexual feebleness.

Epileptic cases, with loss of consciousness during the act, can only be regarded as presenting a pseudo-exhibitionism.

It must be added that a sexual form of exhibitionism of the nates must still be recognized.

No subject of exhibitionism should be sent to prison without expert medical examination.