Exhibitors [noun]

Definition of Exhibitors:

something that or someone who leads

Synonyms of Exhibitors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exhibitors:

Sentence/Example of Exhibitors:

The purchaser has perfect liberty to examine the exhibits and negotiate with any exhibitor.

The exhibitors themselves are to choose the jury of selection, each exhibitor naming any one he may think fit.

He is an exhibitor whose triumphs in the past are represented by innumerable first, second, and special prizes.

The blooms are shown in specified numbers; generally, thirty-six, twenty-four, or twelve are required from each exhibitor.

Miss Grimston is a particularly successful exhibitor, having captured some dozens of prizes, including cups and medals.

He is a very vigorous and various painter, and at the Salon a constant and conspicuous exhibitor.

The object in doing this was to insure impartiality and to make connivance between a judge and an exhibitor more difficult.

Mr. Widener was keenly interested in horses and was a constant exhibitor at horse shows.

The cultivator must therefore study the peculiarities of several new kinds each year if he would be a successful exhibitor.

The last exhibitor was old Anchorite, a faithful performer in harness for sixteen years, but a twenty-year-old bucker.