Exhilarated [adjective]

Definition of Exhilarated:


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Sentence/Example of Exhilarated:

One of the buyers ahead of Sara Lee seemed exhilarated by the danger ahead.

His horses seemed exhilarated by the bells, and we dashed forward in splendid style.

The fresh mountain breeze had exhilarated them so much that the feeling of well-being was laughing from their young faces.

He could not, in fact, be otherwise than exhilarated; nothing being so wildly intoxicating as a mad gallop.

In fact, I feel quite exhilarated when I have the smell of that adorable sulphuretted-hydrogen under my Danish nose.

The energetic girl went to her room that night exhilarated by her own prompt and kind-hearted action.

Peter was in the state of a man whose toothache has suddenly stopped—he was exhilarated by the cessation of pain.

They embodied excitement enough to have exhilarated a much larger body of people.

This certainly exhilarated us, till we landed within some fifty or sixty yards of the house to which we were directed.

Fenwick's voice is defiant of it, exhilarated and exhilarating, as he ceases to be a cloud and assumes an outline.