Exhorting [verb]

Definition of Exhorting:

urge, warn

Synonyms of Exhorting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exhorting:

Sentence/Example of Exhorting:

On the one hand, she says, exhorting people to “keep wearing a mask” implies that a vaccinated person can still transmit the virus.

In the hour before the joint session of Congress convened in the House chamber, the president was exhorting a mass of supporters with one more recitation of his baseless claims of a stolen election and much else.

Amon is known as an early riser who likes getting to the office first to exhort his research, marketing, and sales teams to work hard.

Last year, people who exhorted others to stay positive and make goals and keep moving forward became grating.

The cryptocurrency giant Coinbase has been in a media firestorm since its outspoken CEO Brian Armstrong published a blog post two weeks ago exhorting employees to refrain from politics in the workplace.

Sivert Jespersen began at once to exhort him to allow himself to be sent on a mission to the heathen lands lying in darkness.

Without offending your commands permit a lover to exhort me to live in obedience to your rigorous rules.

Sometimes during the night he would walk to another bedside, wake up its occupant, and exhort him to prayer.

Because I exhort you to mutual love you are not to think that I have gone back on my teaching of justification by faith alone.

Robert Davis soon afterward felt the inspiration to teach and exhort and he was much used in this way.