Exigent [adjective]

Definition of Exigent:

urgent, pressing

Synonyms of Exigent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exigent:

Sentence/Example of Exigent:

He counsels me not to be exigent in my terms; if he knew me better, perhaps, he would not have deemed the advice so necessary.

Are we too exigent when we implore the whites to preach by example?

The more modest and simple the Rav, the haughtier and more exigent the Rebbetzin.

Nay, because Slavery is powerful, because the Enterprise is difficult, therefore is the duty of all more exigent.

But it is a long and exigent part, and there were times in the play when her physical strength was overtaxed.

Nevertheless, so exigent was this strait, she continued to confront him with a face of unflinching defiance.

Andy Dunne, honestly and simply intent on earning his money, had been unusually exigent.

I will confess that I was astonished at the power with which Miss Lhr met these exigent demands upon her emotional forces.

He was as exigent that his country should do justly as he was insistent that it should be done justly by.

Sylvia's decision remained, and just then the music crashed into a silence, broken by exigent applause.