Existence [noun]

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If you are confident early on that the target committed serious crimes, there is always a temptation to will a prosecution into existence even when the facts, the law, or the fair-handed administration of justice do not support bringing charges.

How can you properly legislate the ad industry if you do not understand the fundamental existence of the ad industry…but, I digress.

Potts and Anthony Mallott, Byron’s son, have since acknowledged the existence of a nondisclosure agreement signed in September 2019 or later but declined to provide a copy.

Although the existence of some kind of Dragon Age 4 was an open secret, it took years for the studio even to admit publicly there was indeed a new game in development.

It’s not known when people first inhabited Siberia year-round, but the new DNA analysis shows that woolly rhinos continued to thrive long after mobile human groups likely knew of the animals’ existence.

Many people view their identities as being inextricably tied to their jobs, and life without a job is therefore a threat to one’s sense of existence.

It also implies the existence of other heavy compact tetraquarks.

It wasn’t until 1998 that the Supreme Court acknowledged the existence of LGBTQ issues in the workplace.

Kramer is further convinced of the existence of pigman when the next day’s newspaper reads, “Hospital receives grant to conduct DNA research.”

Here and there roving parties appeared, but having no recognized leaders, their existence did not invalidate the treaty.