Existential [adjective]

Definition of Existential:

pertaining to existence

Synonyms of Existential:

Opposite/Antonyms of Existential:

Sentence/Example of Existential:

Of course, considering how high the existential stakes seem to be in this election, it’s not out of the question that Biden might be the one who disputes the result.

Continued uncertainty about safety has become an existential threat for individual airlines, and is expected to upend the airline industry as we know it.

Failure to extend the search deal with Google could have been a potentially existential blow to Mozilla, which has laid off 320 employees since the beginning of the year.

We thought it may go away with the existential crises civilization is facing, but it is definitely a story of City Hall management failure and massive waste of taxpayer funds.

Under the right conditions, universal human traits like in-group favoritism, existential anxiety and a desire for stability and control combine into a toxic, system-justifying identity politics.

The nuclear-arms race in my time was the sort of climate-change kind of existential threat of the day.

It is therefore necessary to differentiate between the Substance of Christianity and its Existential-form.

This distinction of indication as existential and implication as conceptual or essential, I owe to Mr. Alfred Sidgwick.

Meinong insists upon an existential judgment, a judgment that the object valued is real, as essential to value.

They are questions of the existential setting of certain logical distinctions and relations.