Exists [verb]

Definition of Exists:

be living

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Sentence/Example of Exists:

The technology can be retrofitted into existing older diesel engines or applied to new engines that have yet to be installed in trucks or used in other industrial applications.

Rather, the Unicef guidelines are meant to complement these existing themes and tailor them to children.

Of course, the effectiveness of that strategy matters more than the fact that it exists in the first place.

Facebook’s existing recidivism policy was meant to prevent people from creating new groups similar to those that were banned for violating its community standards.

Enter Washington, Moscow and Brussels — all claiming to play peacemaker, but each actually looking to either carve out a new arena of influence, or defend existing ones.

These plans typically don’t have the same protections for people with existing health conditions, allowing insurance companies to deny coverage or charge higher prices.

Because T and B cells exist only in vertebrates, scientists believed that immunological memory was unique to them too.

She suggests that life on Venus could exist in droplets at high altitudes that evaporate and leave dried-up spores hanging in the atmosphere.

Two City Council members said they requested localized data about use-of-force complaints and racial disparities but were told it only exists on a wider county level.

All of that exacerbates existing inequities that had only just begun to heal after the deep blow of the 2008 recession.