Exogenous [adjective]

Definition of Exogenous:

derived externally

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Sentence/Example of Exogenous:

Exogenous Structures, in botany, are those which arise from superficial tissues of the parent organ, as stem-branches and leaves.

In others, the ordinary exogenous trees predominate, almost to the exclusion of others.

Let us note in this way, in the first place, the introduction of the familiar generic forms of exogenous trees.

The mechanical properties of the stems of trees, both exogenous and endogenous, render them extremely serviceable to mankind.

Trees which thus form a new ring of wood every year are called exogenous, or outside-growing.

Those trees called exogenous grow by means of successive layers on the outside.

Such a stem is called exogenous (outside-growing), because a new layer forms on the outside of the wood each year.

Regulation of breeding schedules in birds always involves some exogenous, environmental timing or triggering mechanism.

Any exogenous control, or environmental variable, can be looked on simply as a timing oscillator.

Diagram of a cross section of a very young exogenous stem, showing six woody bundles or wedges.