Exorcised [verb]

Definition of Exorcised:

free from evil spirits

Synonyms of Exorcised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exorcised:

Sentence/Example of Exorcised:

And he spat upon the ground, as if to exorcise the evil spirit.

We are not quite ready to believe that it is essential to exorcise the devil, even if he is one of sheer indolence.

Perfection is very slow to be reached, and that is what the Middle Ages required in order to exorcise the fears of divine wrath.

Those needles with which he punctured the flanks of his swine and cattle: what devils did they exorcise?

I hope that now and then, when I ask it, and when the duties of your day are ended, you will come help me exorcise them.

Some readers may be apt to suppose, from all English experience, that the word exorcise means properly banishment to the shades.

But the rabbis were not able entirely to exorcise the imposture.

It was plain, said the butchers, that the clergy were of no use; they could not exorcise demons!

Fear of life in one form or other is the great thing to exorcise; but it isn't reason that will ever do it.

The priest to exorcise the powers of darkness; the damsel to touch this chest with the seal of Solomon.