Exorcism [noun]

Definition of Exorcism:

expelling evil spirits

Synonyms of Exorcism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exorcism:


Sentence/Example of Exorcism:

Are the miseries of continued possession less horrible than the struggles of the tremendous exorcism?

Hence men have turned ever toward prayers, exorcism, and expiation, especially when exhorted thereto by the priests.

He fumbled for his pitch-pipe, and arose with a confused intention of attempting a musical exorcism.

In her case, the man beside her was her husband, to whose exorcism of her love from his life her heart had never assented.

Exorcism, shackles, and the whip were the penalties rather than the curatives for mental maladies.

Over such persons forms of conjuration were pronounced, and this act was called exorcism.

None seemed inclined to approach it, but every one suggested some new mode of exorcism.

With that she raised her magic staff, and pronounced in unintelligible words the exorcism over the grave.

I enquired of the Father Guardian what happened now that exorcism was forbidden?

Exorcism here is seldom practised, the working of a spell being the usual means employed for getting rid of the evil property.