Expansions [noun]

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Still, the expansion in testing alone can’t fully explain the current case uptick, at least not in every country.

China is a great nation, and we should hope for the continued expansion.

Many factors are driving the violent expansion of this years' wildfires.

A few days later, Pfizer announced plans to expand the number of participants enrolled in its clinical trials by the thousands but gave little details on the expansion.

In April, there was an hourlong “Election Administration Forum Conference Call” that covered, in part, the expansion of mail-in voting and “ways to message these concerns to your constituents,” according to the invitation.

While the expansion has cost a lot of money—Snowflake lost $171 million in the first half of 2020—Slootman hopes to get the company’s out of the red, though without getting too specific.

The new CEO will also take on a flagship copper mine expansion in Mongolia that’s been beset by delays and a budget blowout.

While the internet has enabled a massive expansion of the global economy, it’s also incredibly vulnerable to attack.

This engine only took steam during the first quarter of its stroke, the remaining three-quarters were by the expansion.

This most simple steam-engine combined in the greatest degree the two elements of expansion and momentum.