Expatiated [verb]

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In the East, imagination is at liberty to expatiate on past grandeur, wisdom, and politeness.

As to the comparison between the two ladies, I will expatiate more on that subject, (for I like it,) when I have had them both.

Mrs. Evelyn let John expatiate on her daughter's heroism till steps were heard approaching, and his aunt knocked at the door.

But we must not expatiate on its effects; we must only give a little attention to the means by which they are achieved.

I'll warrant ye, the Sergeant no' troubled himself to expatiate on the renown of the country where his regiment was raised?

I shall not expatiate on my oeconomical affairs, which cannot be instructive or amusing to the reader.

She felt that though she would have delighted to expatiate on this great triumph, she must be silent at present.

To expatiate upon the importance of thought would be absurd.

I could expatiate on this subject, from what comes every day within my own knowledge.

This is a matter on which so little is known, that we are induced to expatiate upon it.