Expatriate [noun]

Definition of Expatriate:

person thrown out of a country

Synonyms of Expatriate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expatriate:


Sentence/Example of Expatriate:

I have no patience with those people who expatriate themselves.

But it would also have had the determination that he had failed to expatriate himself and that he was an American citizen.

Then he prevailed upon the clans to sign a truce and expatriate their chiefs for one year in distant States.

There remained the resource of travel, one of those journeys to countries so distant that they expatriate even the thoughts.

Was he supposed to wait patiently until she returned, or to expatriate himself in order to join her?

As to the causes which have induced our friend to expatriate himself, I think we need not look far for them.

But I am already gloating over the sentiments with which I shall expatriate myself here.

By and by he sent me to America to school; for he still loved his country and was not that fault-finding scold, the expatriate.

At all events, the easiest way to cut the knot is to expatriate.

This was interpreted as a sign from God that they also were to expatriate themselves and seek safety in flight.